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Heating Appliances for Cabins and Cottages in Campbell River and Area

Premier Gas Range

In addition to our reliable home and patio heating solutions, Quality Stoves & Fireplaces Ltd. carries a wide range of hot water tanks, natural gas and propane furnaces, propane fridges and cook ranges for cabins and cottages. We also carry a wide selection of patio heaters and outdoor fire pits, perfect for entertaining family and friends. Drop by our showroom to view products from reliable brands such as:

  • Heartland® Appliances – We carry a range of designer appliances in wood, natural gas, propane and electric. We also carry the Heartland Sweetheart model, featured on the show Desperate Housewives and it is on display in our showroom.
  • Premier – Perfect for remote cabins. The GAK/GCK series features a standing pilot and require no electricity.
  • Unique Gas Products Ltd. – Propane fridges, freezers and ovens for cabins and homes in remote locations.
  • JOI Light - Ideal for illuminating spaces with very small amounts of energy.
  • Northwest Stoves Ltd.
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